Standard styles

 Standard buildings are constructed with:

  • Ex 16mm x 125mm (nom) tongue and groove shiplap board
  • Ex 16mm x 125mm (nom) tongue and groove matchboard
  • 38mm x 50mm (nom) framing - planed or round
  • Galvanised nails and fitting
  • Certain buildings such as Stratford and Groundsman have 3in x 2in framing
 We can also help with shed repairs.
 All our buildings / stores are made to order, we do not keep mass produced stock sheds.
 We also offer a base and fitting service.
 Click HERE to see full range and descriptions
 Included in this range:-
  • Apex - Pent - Bantock - Pelham
  • Cabin - Hobby - Security - Workshop
  • Stratford - Groundsman
  • Solar potting shed - Pent potting shed
  • Regency summerhouse - Retreat summerhouse
  • Alpine summerhouse - Corner summerhouse
  • Lodge summerhouse - Oakland summerhouse
  • Tool store - Bike store
  • Box store - Tall boy - Log store 

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 Bespoke buildings                




 Whether you have a non-standard size space you want to put a shed in, or have a dream summerhouse you want us to make a

 reality, we can help. Maybe you want an office in your back garden or something to hide the bins or dry your logs.

 You may wish to change one of our standard styles and make it your own, or require a different size to the list.

 There are a variety of different doors and windows to choose from.

 Some of the options available to you are - building insulated - shingle tile roof - heavy duty framing - heavy duty cladding - veranda

 - decking - single, double or workshop doors, and much more......

 Previous bespoke buildings include

 - Bin tidies - Log stores - Bike stores - Tool stores - Office - Workshop - Stables - Shed and patio area - chicken coops

 If you would like someone to discuss your design with, or a visit for a site survey please send your name,

 address and telephone number to or call 01264 791136

(please leave name and number if leaving a message) 


To see more bespoke buildings click HERE to see the gallery





Fencing and gates

 We have made and fitted many different types of gates and fences.

 Some examples of our fencing are:-            and common gate options:-

  • Larchlap fencing                                 Larchlap gate
  • Closed board fencing                          Closed board gate
  • Picket fencing                                     Picket gate
  • Post and rail fencing
 If you require a timber fence or gate that is not listed above then please let us know.
 We offer a full fitting service.
 We also deal with fencing repairs. 
 If you would like someone to come out and measure for a fencing job or quote for repairs, then please
call 01264 791136 or email
 Please leave your name, number and address if leaving a message. 

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Interlocking log Cabins




General Specifications:

  • ROOF - 45 x 120mm roof purling's support 19mm planed tongue and grooved roof boards. Green mineral felt is supplied as standard on all cabins. Decorative roof shingles are available as an optional extra.
  • FLOOR - 44 x 57mm Tanalith pressure treated floor bearers are spaced at 400mm centre's (as is standard in most houses). These bearers support heavy duty 19mm planed tongue and grooved floor boards.
  • DOORS and WINDOWS - Joinery made doors and windows are supplied fully glazed or fully boarded. External doors are fitted with mortice locks as standard.
  • TREATMENT - Apart from the floor bearers, all cabins are supplied completely untreated. It is strongly recommended that the buildings are treated inside and out with a high quality spirit based preservative within 14 days of installation, weather permitting.
28mm and 44mm Log specifications
  • As standard all of our logs we use in our cabins are high quality interlocking boards constructed with tongue and groove joints.
  • Combined with our unique 4-way chamfered notch system this ensures a perfect fit for each and every log within your building, keeping the elements out and the warmth in on our 28mm and 44mm Cabins.
  • The entire range of 28mm and 44mm log cabins come professionally draught sealed throughout making them water tight and incredibly insulated, saving you on excessive heating costs and greatly reducing the impact on our environment.
19mm Log specifications
  • Our 19mm logs are simple to put together and are both incredibly sturdy and lightweight. Finished with a unique Georgian styling they look fantastic too.
  • All 19mm Cabins are supplied with Perspex glazing and 12mm tongue and grooved roofs and floors.
To see the full range and specs of Log Cabins please click HERE



Miscellaneous works

 Pergola - Arch - Planters - Steps - Rails - Decking - Patio - Artificial grass